Hello, How Are You / Hello, How Are You
Uploaded on July 20th, 2010
Originally sung by
Hatsune Miku
Nn Niconico / Yt YouTube


These translyrics were written by Lurrie
Please credit them if you use those lyrics!
These translyrics are based on animeyay, vgperson, and Streetneko's translation.

She softly whispered out,
the only way that she knew how
"How are you?"
There's no one else around
She's alone in her nightgown
A knock on her windowpane -
The suffocating morning rain
Won't someone come along and wind her spring
Before she fades...

You always seemed to me, like a character in anime
"How are you?"
I get so jealous, everybody loves the things you say
I need these thoughts to go away now, need to turn off my brain
So when I go out, at least I can hide my tearstains... Oh, oh

"Whatever" has become my go-to tune,
Though what you said to me this morning still bothers me a little
"Can't expect much to come of you, no, not anytime soon"
Fair enough,
It's not untrue
A little on the nose, but I think I'm hopeless, too
Even so, not sure how to take it coming from you...

I'm not sure I believe the words
that escape my lips when I get flustered
I'm overcome by fragile nerves
and say words you don't deserve
So here we are at another day-end
where I'm regretting all the things I said
If I had played my cards, and kept my head,
Maybe you'd have been my friend...

Why's she hiding from herself, from the world, and from you?
Is she that afraid they'll laugh if they discover her truth?
She says she really doesn't feel like meeting anyone new,
Is that a safe falsehood, too?
She's treading water in an ocean of her own creation,
A sea of feebleheartedness and hesitation
All she wanted was someone who she could shoot the shit with
Could she be more pathetic?

Making no progress moving forward even with my greatest effort,
The thought keeps running through my head over and over:
"Man, it'd be so easy to lie down and sleep forever..."
No no, it's fine, no, I can get better
I say dumb things when I'm feeling down, whatever
I'm not giving up, so please, don't leave me either...

It doesn't matter if I cry, it makes no difference if I sing
Be I happy, be I sad, the world will keep turning
It takes everything I have just to will myself to live
What more do you want? I'm sorry, I've got nothing left to give...

Why's she building walls she doesn't want to occupy?
Is the truth she wants someone to be beloved by?
Who's the idiot who bruised her heart and left her side?
When will she open her eyes?
Before things can start to get better, first, they have to get worse
She starts to wonder when the payoff will come to her
She feels like living is a line of unsalaried work,
And she just wants to retire

"Thank you"
All along, all I wanted was to show gratitude
"Thank you"
The words I wanted to say that day were these two
"Thank you"
But every time, the words got stuck in my throat
So even if it's just this once that I can finally let it show,
I mean it from the bottom of my heart, so...

Tell me why you hide alone and wear that gloomy pout
Is the truth you run away so you can be chased down?
If you want someone to ask so you feel cared about,
I'll be here for you now
I promise not to laugh or make fun of whatever you say,
So please just open up with me, and we'll go at your pace
What a troublesome strain of delicate apes,
This neurotic human race

"Hallo! How are you?"
"Hallo, how are you?"
"Hallo, how are you?"
From me,
to you:
"Hallo! How are you?"